Live Tracks

The Shanty Tavern 11.1.19

An unforgettable night of old friends and rockin' Country music opening for Christie McWilson and her band at our home away from home, the one and only Shanty Tavern.  Here's hoping we'll all be back there soon.  

Evergreeen State Fair 8.31.19

We look forward to the Evergreen State Fair every year, even though (sadly) it usually signals the end of our summer Fairs and Festivals tour.  This year, we went out with a bang, thanks to awesome line dancers West Coast Country Heat.  See ya next year!

Anacortes Arts Festival 8.2.19

Stanwood Camano Community Festival 8.3.19

A busy weekend for us.  Friday at the Anacortes Arts Festival, Saturday at The Stanwood Camano Community Festival.  Two great events with arts, crafts, rides, horses and of course music.  For the Stanwood show we switched up the set a bit about two minutes before we went on.  It happens.